Meet the Yotm Team

Each instructor on our team is a highly respected, independent, and certified professional. All are well-educated in various methods of Yoga and Fitness, and in many cases have created their own signature style from years of study and training.  We are proud to bring a community of instructors that include the top in the field here in So.Cal. 

Jessica Kang, Founder

Jessica is Founder and Lead Instructor at Yogis On the Move the, the premier mobile yoga service provider in the Los Angeles downtown area.  Jessica is a highly trained,  (E-YRT 500) compassionate yoga teacher and a savvy business woman in her own right.  She  teaches students from a broad spectrum of experience; having taught this ancient practice across the globe. Yoga has taught her the power of giving and the tenacity to be a strong business entrepreneur.

Hector Juarez, Social Media

I am a  freelance artist, turned fitness enthusiast. Based out of Los Angeles, its easy to draw inspiration from all kinds of places.   My passion for the arts started with putting paint and lead on paper, naturally evolving into a love for digital media as i got older. I enjoy telling stories through photos and sharing information through graphic design. I have an understanding of the fitness industry, having been a teacher myself, which makes my role with Yogis on the Move very seamless and practical. 

Elisa Barretta, Yoga

Myla Grytsyna, Yoga

Courtney Seiberling, Yoga

Janine Glass, Yoga/Pilates

Jessica Greene, Yoga/HIIT

Eduardo Duran, Yoga/HIIT

Heather Peterson, Dance/Fitness

Alfred Hsing, Martial Arts

Xuan Nguyen, Yoga

Gwen Yeager-Stofko, Yoga

Ashleigh Doede, Yoga

Maja Zimmerman, Yoga

Michael Birmingham

Kendra Baranko, Yoga

Matthew Anderson, Yoga

Ania Mechlinska, Yoga

Rashan Hunter, Cycling

Vilita Cruz, Bootcamp/HIIT

Jeanette Sinh, Yoga

Nona Chiang, Yoga

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