We are an “amenity” based company, meaning the companies, organizations or properties pay us to offer yoga teachings online, or at their designated location. The classes are only open your community and guests if the clients specify. Adding yoga classes to your offered amenities shows how much you appreciate them and care about their health and well being. We make yoga accessible for all levels.

Online Classes

Empowering organizations with the opportunity to provide their staff, employees, students, and residents with daily yoga classes, from anywhere in the world.

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Corporate / Conference Events

Offering yoga at the workplace doesn't only benefit the staff physically but also mentally and emotionally. We also provide yoga to conferences as a fun way of breaking the ice.  Meet other fellow yogis and share your practice while networking and getting to know your coworkers!

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Residential Properties

Yoga at residential properties is not just any fitness amenity, it's a beneficial amenity that turns neighbors into friends as their practices grow. Health and Wellness delivered right to their doorsteps!

Schools & Hospitals

With bullying, stress, anxieties and depression on the rise, Yoga offers students a tool for how to deal with those emotions rather than acting out on them. Yoga at hospitals are not only beneficial to the patients but also to family members and the staff of nurses and doctors. 


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