Santosha Meditation with Courtney Seiberling

We have the pleasure of introducing you guys to this super accessible and easy meditation with Courtney Seiberling. Courtney is one of our Teachers here at Yogis on the Move, as well as a writer. Her book YOGA'S YAMAS and NIYAMAS - 10 Principles for Peace & Purpose is a helpful guide to applying yoga philosophy to everyday life through intentional thought and practice. Courtney is most interested in making philosophy less heady and more heartfelt and teaching from a place of honesty and realness. We hope you can connect to this Yoga Concept of Contentment to help you relax and just be present in every moment. You'll need someplace comfortable to practice and about 20mins of your day, that's it.

You can revisit this as many times to really adapt this meditation to your way of life. Namaste Yogis.

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