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31-Days of YOga and Fitness

Begins March 1st

You must have UNLIMITED ACCESS to our Class Schedule to participate in the challenge.  Not all residential properties have that.  Check with your property managers if you are unsure or send us a message. 

On This Page:

Official Rules

How to Win

Cash Prizes

Registration Form

Official Rules


You MUST Register for the March Strong Fitness Challenge for prize eligibility. (registration form below).  Registrations will be open all month long


Once registered, you MUST RSVP for any class you intend on taking during the month of March that you want counted towards the challenge.  You can reserve your classes way in advance or make the reservations the day of (whatever is more convenient for you).  We will be tracking your activity based on your class RSVP's.  You can do this via our website, or on the Yogis on the Move page on the WIX app. 



You MUST attend the classes that you RSVP for. (Virtual or On-Site).  All of our Virtual Yogis, this means "CAMERAS ON" during class.  


Every day you take a class, we encourage you to post a story to your social media account (IG and/or FB) highlighting the class you took that day. Remember to follow us and tag us in your stories  (@yogisonthemove).  Post workout selfies welcomed! #MarchStrong

HOw to win


The yogi with the longest workout STREAK ( highest number of consecutive workout days ) during the month of February wins.  You MUST take at least one class each consecutive day for it to be considered part of the STREAK.  Taking multiple classes each day is not mandatory, but it can increase your chances of winning as explained in item #7. 


If you take a day off and break your workout streak, your consecutive day count stops on the last day you took class.  You can restart your consecutive day count from zero on the next day you take class.  Winner will be the yogi that had the longest streak at any point during the challenge. 

~for example:

Jane takes a class each day March 1st-12th and takes a day off on the 13th. That would make her first streak 12 days long.  She starts back up and takes a class each day from March 14th-28th.  That would make Jane's second streak the longest during her portion of the challenge coming in at 15 consecutive days, making her second streak eligible for prize consideration if no one else got higher than 15.


In the case of a STREAK tie, meaning two or more yogis ended with the same number of consecutive days in their longest streak during the challenge, we will look into total number of classes taken during the streak.  SO, while taking multiple classes a day isn't required, it WILL definitely increase your odds of winning should there be a tie.

~for example:

Jane and John are tie with 15 consecutive workout days.  Jane only took 1 class each of those 15 days (total of 15 classes), while john took 2 classes on 4 of his 15 days (total of 19 classes).  John wins.


There will be 5 winners!  1st place being the person with the Longest workout Streak, then going down from there.

1st Place

Experiences Created Box

2nd Place

$50 Gift Card

3rd Place

$25 Gift Card

4th Place

Local Restaurant Giftcard


5th Place

Read More
Local Restaurant Giftcard



Challenge Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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