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"We bring the Yoga Studio to You ~ On-site and online."

 Changing with the times in this new normal, we have integrated our on-site classes with our online classes to reach students in the comfort of their own home. Mindfulness and connection with ourselves are needed now more than ever. Rather than look outward for answers and happiness, we focus on bringing peace of mind into our physical and mental space. Our emotional, spiritual, and physical strength starts with our mental health.

Let's take a Deep Breath Together!



Yogis on the Move Founder

Jessica Kang

Jessica is Founder and Lead Instructor at Yogis On the Move the, the premier mobile yoga service provider in the Los Angeles downtown area.  Jessica is a highly trained,  (E-YRT 500) compassionate yoga teacher and a savvy business woman in her own right.  She  teaches students from a broad spectrum of experience; having taught this ancient practice across the globe. Yoga has taught her the power of giving and the tenacity to be a strong business entrepreneur.



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Meet the Team


Hector Augustus

Media Photographer

I am a  freelance artist based in Los Angeles. My interest and talent in  drawing and painting from a young age, naturally progressed to led me to photography and graphic design.I have  a strong passion for the art form of photography, beautiful light, fresh food, sincere people, and inspiring spaces. I love keeping things simple in life and onset, as it produces the best results with the least stress.  Any project, big or small, is met with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication, as it’s my  priority to ensure that everyone goes home happy and content. 

Kendra Baranko
Jeanette Sinh
Janine Glass
Ania Mechlinska

Kendra Baranko

Yoga Flow

I teach to help others find balance, strength,  and relaxation within movement and...

Myla Grytsyna

Yoga Flow

I teach yoga to enhance my student's quality of life, by teaching them how to work with pains and aches to alleviate...

Jeanette Sinh

Yoga Flow

I teach because it is a privilege to guide students to deeper harmony within themselves. This...

Janine Glass

Flow Yoga/Pilates


I love teaching my students how to deepen their yoga practice to find their true Self. I...

Ania Mechlinska

Flow Yoga

I teach yoga to influence others to live a healthy and more conscious life and become as...

Olga Headshot for YOTM.jpeg
Alfred Headshot Blue Shirt1.jpg

Eduardo Duran


I teach because I want to inspire my students to be the best, strongest version of...


Heather Peterson

Hip-Hop Cardio

I want to share the gift of movement to as many people that will let me. 

I find everyone...


Olga Gavrilova


I teach to  inspire and motivate,  while sharing  my passion, heart, and soul into my classes so I can...


Liza Beres


I love helping people access their inner strength and to challenge their mind, hearts, and bodies. I...

Carmen Guerrero
Tina Lenert

Ashleigh Doede

Yoga Flow

I teach because I love 

being able to suggest

new perspectives and

views to my  students;

from perhaps inner 

Elisa Barretta

Yoga Flow

 I teach to learn, to

unlearn, to grow, and mostly to share the

life-changing power of yoga with anyone...

Carmen Guerrero

Yoga Flow

I teach because I am fascinated by the exploration of the body and Self as a whole. Guidin 

Tina Lenert

 Yoga Flow

I teach so I can share the benefits I have received from yoga. I originally got into yoga to relieve my...

Courtney  Sieberling



Yoga Flow

I teach because I know

the practice works.

Yoga steadies the

mind, energizes/calms

the body, grounds me

in the moment, and is

the reset button I

often need.

Katelyn Qualey

Yoga Flow

 I teach to share the importance of moving within our bodies as they are; to respect and honor the gift of being!  I am inspired to teach by the... 

Maja Zimmerman

Yoga Flow

I teach yoga to

enhance my student's quality of

life, by teaching them how to work with

pains and aches to alleviate any physical discomfort they may...

Gwen Yeager-Stofko

Yoga Flow

I lead intelligently sequenced classes that focus on functional movement, mindfulness, and self-study, consisting of Pranayama (a deep breathing practice),...

Shiri Goldsmith

Yoga Flow

Yoga has been such a

powerful and

transformative part of my

life, it is an honor to be

able guide my students

towards their own healing. 

 I am inspired by my

teachers, students, and my

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